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Mother Nature's Beauties

Throughout all of human history, unique and beautiful stones have been seen as powerful good luck charms, possessing powers of attraction and healing. They make excellent gifts for family and friends.The beauty of the stone combined with the symbolism it represents creates a unique, one of a kind gift. The range of colors available in gemstones is practically limitless, as are the meanings of gemstones. Loose gemstones allow the recipient to design their own jewelry item or keep it as an investment; jewelry supplements the beauty of the wearer with the beauty of the stone. Precious and semi-precious gemstones have also been used since ancient times for spiritual, emotional and physical healing.

Alexandrite Amethyst Aquamarine Cat's Eye Citrine Coral Diamond
Emerald Garnet Iolite Jade Kunzite Lapis Lazuli Morganite
Onyx Opal Pearl Peridot Quartz Ruby Sapphire
Spinel Tanzanite Topaz Tourmaline Tsavorite Turquoise Zircon

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