Citrine is one of the few gemstones which naturally occur in golden to yellow colors. It's color is thought to radiate positive energy. It is known as the 'success stone', promoting prosperity and abundance, especially in situations involving business. Citrine has actually earned the nickname of 'the merchant's stone', owed to the fact that many businesses will keep citrine in their cash registers for good fortune. According to many legends, it can help generate stability in life and is good for general protection. Emotionally, citrine is said to relieve depression, self-doubt, anger and irrational mood swings. Citrine is often used as a birthstone of November (along with topaz) and it is the official 13th wedding anniversary gemstone. It is also considered the stone for the zodiac sign of Virgo.


Colors: Natural untreated citrine is typically pale yellow to golden in color, although deeper colors occur ranging from golden orange to rich gold-brown. Darker colors are typically considered more desirable than lighter lemon colors.
Shapes: Citrine is almost always faceted. Round brilliants and ovals are most common as these cuts tends to maximize color and dispersion.
Origin: Brazil is the worlds leading supplier for Citrine. Other notable sources include Argentina, Bolivia, France, Madagascar, and many others.
Care: Should be immersed in jewelry cleaner or lukewarm soapy water and cleaned with a soft bristle brush. Protect from scratches and sharp blows.
Notes: Citrine is also said to be especially powerful for overcoming physical addictions, fears and phobias.