Anniversary List

Anniversary List
Celebrate an Anniversary With a Gorgeous Gem

When you first joined hands and hearts, you did not know where life would take you. You promised to love, honor and cherish one another through all things. Life has surely brought you both wonderful blessings and difficult tribulations.

Celebrate the years with a beautiful piece of jewelry that you both will always treasure.




Year 1 Gold Jewelry
Year 2 Garnet
Year 3 Pearls
Year 4 Blue Topaz
Year 5 Sapphire
Year 6 Amethyst
Year 7 Onyx
Year 8 Tourmaline
Year 9 Lapis Lazuli
Year 10 Diamond
Year 11 Turquoise
Year 12 Jade
Year 13 Citrine
Year 14 Opal
Year 15 Ruby
Year 16 Peridot
Year 17 Watches
Year 18 Cat's Eye
Year 19 Aquamarine
Year 20 Emerald
Year 21 Iolite
Year 22 Spinel
Year 23 Topaz
Year 24 Tanzanite
Year 25 Silver Jubilee
Year 30 Pearl Jubilee
Year 35 Emerald
Year 40 Ruby
Year 45 Sapphire
Year 50 Golden Jubilee
Year 55 Alexandrite
Year 60 Diamond Jubilee


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